Angle Template Kit attachment for getting 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90° cuts. Can also provide Templates (or tools) for other special applications.
Curved (Patent Pending) 180 & 600 Grit Diamond Lap Cabachon Combo Attachment that takes Cab forming to new levels of joy. Wow, kiss those nasty flat spots and frustrating hours eliminating them goodbye!
11° Block for creating an essential circumference “grip surface” feature on creations to be mounted securely, without prongs.
Transfer Block and Target Dop to help getting the centerpiece material located “on-the-money” and reduce waste of expensive “re-con” rough, to start with.
Superior Fiduciary Stainless Steal Clad, low friction, long lasting work surface, unobstructed “line of sight” feature and a much sought plus factor in terms of making consistent quality works of art. And, done so swiftly, expertly, safely.
Most phenomenal, in my view anyway, the latest arrival Index Attachment, coupled with the “Modified” Wob



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