"Far back as this aging mind can remember, faceting intrigued my thoughts and natural instincts to learn, beginning at Wild Acres in 1981-82  and making repairing jewelry adornment items of one kind or another, since. Were there a hobby offering more pleasure to the spirit out there somewhere, I’d jump on it in heart beat, but this old rockhound is sold having the encompassing lapidary hobby as his residence of continuous challenge and joy!"

High School days during WWII in the 40’s included learning machinist skills, earning 2000 hours of machine shop training and 4 years of mechanical drafting credits before graduation. And, a lifetime as toolmaker, manufacturing engineer, machine shop owner, and industrialist always involved introducing products to the marketplace since…Thus, design features of this Grinder encompasses years of vast experience, the make it wonderfully user friendly… Nice!

It is with great pride and pleasure to have created the patented Intarsia Grinder, U.S. 509,837 and its several attachments. For the first time ever, the “just right tool” that provides artisans with a way of fashioning, extremely difficult to make full contact 90° “piece-to-piece” bonding and gorgeous, flawless seam, mosaic creations. This versatile Grinder also offers hobbyist and technician a tool for sharpening metal drill bits, woodworking tools and household items always in need of attention. Truly, this is a system and not merely a “one-act” Grinder having limited use…Think, if you will, the advantages of this system?